Mimas Asylum is an appreciation site and personal project to promote the Danish band Mimas.

Cool Band, Cool Guys, Cool Music. The potential is there, the guys are very proactive and persistant, the rest is about promotion. Working from grassroots level up amongst an ocean of other bands is not easy.

Word of mouth is great, and the Internet can be a great way of spreading the word. So I decided to create this site as a small side project which I hope will play a significant part in raising the band’s profile and fanbase over the next 12 months.

Specifically, the goal of Mimas Asylum is to create 100 new fans that discover the band via this site. Technically this is hard to track, but if you’re reading this page, and this site was your introduction to the band, and you like their sound, then drop a comment on a post somewhere on this site to let me know. You can also use the online bookmarking tools below each page to help get the word out.

Welcome to the Asylum!

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