The timeline of Mimas goes back to 2001. However, due to various changes in band lineup, I’m only paying attention to the year 2005 onwards, when the band decided they were ready to go serious, released their Hands Will Carry EP that year and even distributed copies of it by hand following a Sigur Ros gig at the Brixton Academy, London, UK!

At the same time they had decided they would play in London in Spring 2006.

Although the band have shifted their musical style, including losing the keyboard and keyboard player since Hands Will Carry, the influence of those days are clear in their Debut album The Worries, including one track being lifted from the EP, albeit a reworked version.

2008 – The Worries

Mimas The Worries

2007 – Teaser 3 Track CD


2006 – The Follow: Smashed Heart / Mimas: Thought Discuss – 7″ Split Sides Record


2005 – Hands Will Carry EP

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