The Worries

Cats on Fire – Official Music Video
8th Track on The Worries. Pretty novel, creative and entertaining video.

Mac, Get Your Gear – Live
2nd Track on The Worries

Dads – Live
3rd Track on The Worries. My favorite track from the album.

Why in The World Not – Live
4th Track on The Worries

Live from the band’s debut in gig in the UK back in the Hands Will Carry Days when they were a 5 piece. This is the only track to make it from the Hands Will Carry EP, ending up in reworked and improved form on The Worries. It was the signature song of the Hands Will Carry gig days

Beneath the Glad Sunbeam – Live
9th Track on The Worries
Another track performed in the Hands Will Carry days that made it through to The Worries.

Hands Will Carry EP

Thought Discuss – Official Music Video
From the EP, Hands will Carry. Great song. As for the video… I have to say, this is one of the worst I have ever seen. The concept could perhaps have worked were the change between pictures a bit faster, so that it’s not so gratingly slow and boring. There should also have been a few filmed scenes of the band in there to puntuate this type of video too. I hope it didn’t cost much to commission.

Englen – Live
Heh, sounds great on the EP but doesn’t quite work in this performance – the keyboard underscore very much a core part of this track is almost completely drowned out.


Sodapop Stalkers – Live
One of the Tracks from the forthcoming 2nd album I believe.

Mr Roommate – Live
No idea whether there are plans to put this one on the 2nd album.

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