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Mimas Planet Claire Live Recording Session

During the Mimas and Papas tour, Mimas recorded a live station at for the programme Planet Claire on French radio station Aligre FM 93.1.

During this recording they played some of their favourite material from The Worries. They also played a fair bit of newer material, some or all of which may end up on the new album due next year.

Go check it out at Planet Claire (unfortunately the recording is no longer available, and doesn’t appear to be archived elsewhere on the Planet Claire site) – the Planetcast button is a link to a downloadable mp3 of the recording.

Also go check out Mimas’ blog. Despite the claims of many nights of only 4 hours sleep, Snaevar found time to frequently blog paragraphs during the tour! (Snaevar: get a “blog to twitter autoposter” plugin – for this from the road stuff, it’s perfect for letting tweeps know you’ve posted something that they might like to read.)

From a quick scan, the dirt is dished on the death of their very much beloved bandmobile – Satan, which resulted in a curtailing of the last few gigs of their tour, and other commentary blogged on the road (I did say a quick scan lol).

Overall it appears Mimas received a very positive reception across Europe. Congrats on a successful European debut tour guys!

There’s a link in the left or right column to their blog, go check it out.

(Sorry, I know how much Satan meant to you guys, but I just couldn’t resist. I hope bandmobile #2 doesn’t cost too much.)