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Mimas 2009 Mini UK Tour in August (More in Oct)

And it’s back to gigging in the UK, or er England rather in August for a hurricane Mimas Mini Tour between 13th and 15th August.

Here’s the schedule:
13 Aug 2009 w/ Shapes @ The Cellar, Oxford
14 Aug 2009 w/ Ceasura @ The Freebutt, Brighton
15 Aug 2009 w/ This Town Needs Guns, Pennines, The Great Eskimo Hoax @ Rapturefest, The Face Bar, Reading

There are more in Oct, taking Mimas to unexplored parts of the UK, including – which for the first time will actually make the tour more of a UK tour than an England one, a Mimas’ debut gig in Mogwai-land, er Scotland!

10 Oct 2009 w/ Shapes Royal Park Cellars, Leeds, UK
11 Oct 2009 w/ Trapped In Kansas The Captains Rest, Glasgow, UK
12 Oct 2009 w/ Shapes City Screen Basement, York, UK
13 Oct 2009 w/ Shapes The Red House, Sheffield, UK
14 Oct 2009 w/ Shapes The Flapper, Birmingham, UK
15 Oct 2009 w/ Shapes The Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham, UK

Good luck with the gigs guys!